Marcy (35)



Before they were married and when they spent their holidays in the ownership of their future in-laws, Manele, overnight, did appear, as a cat in heat, knocking on her room´s door to depart to see the moon and make love among the vineyards.

Once married, she had her husband in her bed every night, but still Manele, went out as a stealthy, to see the moon on his own.

Marcy suspected it, she knew it, like a bloodhound when sniffing the trail of a dam, because, when he returned, he fell exhausted into bed, and his body exuded an expensive perfume of woman, which he could not conceal. Despite the fact that, as a precaution, he spent some time in the bathroom, before getting into bed with her, and washed and put on male cologne to hide the perfume. But Marcy had noticed the mixture and that penetrating smell kept her from sleeping, mingling with her worst thoughts.

The last of the Manele nightly skirmishes came a night when the marriage was in bed. Marcy was then very active in sex, to erase from her husband's head the attraction to other women. When they were making love, uncovered, naked and with the light on, she saw between his pubic hairs, a black hair, straight, so indiscreet that seemed to carry the signature of the owner. She feigned not to realize.

That it was the last straw.

She had to find out what was happening, and she would ask explanations.

The next night, when Manele had left the bed, she waited a minute and down the hall, she looked through a window and looked out, and saw her husband taking a woman by the hand and then they entered into the old warehouse.

She went out the side door, the same as he had used, and went near a window of the warehouse that had a small broken glass and some not.

Her eyes had become accustomed to the darkness and could see inside, full of cobwebs and junk lying around. In one corners he seemed to see the couple. They had put an old blanket on a cage of chickens and the woman was on all fours and Manele stood behind her, panting like two animals.

He almost ran to the house and got into bed like a thief. She curled up, dying of cold. Manele returned, he spent a while in the bathroom and got into bed. Soon he was snoring.

She would give a good lesson.

In the morning, she got up and had breakfast before him and went to the old warehouse. The dogs were still loose on the farm, and they escorted her one on each side.

The warehouse was always open, full of tools and disused pieces of junk of all kinds. She looked toward the back corner and saw the blanket over the cage.

She folded it and carried into the house. Manele was having breakfast with his parents.

-Look, mother, my favorite blanket, laying on the old warehouse.

She never said "mother" to her mother-in-law, and she didn´t like the blanket at all.

She fixed her eyes on Manele.

-I think that someone comes at night and goes through the farm -continued Marcy-.  I do not understand why the dogs did not bark.

Manele said not a word.

The father ate in silence. The mother jumped like a panther.

-That´s I thought!  We need to take urgent measures –she said with determination.

-I can look for alarm systems, if you will, of course.

-Good thing you worry, daughter -said the lady watching her husband and son, upset-. Yes, please, look those security systems.

The mother remained calm and continued having breakfast.

-Ask someone to wash the blanket, and put it in your bed, if you like it -she told to Marcy, complacent.

"I have made a dirty trick to you, bastard". She looked at her husband, victorious, while he appeared not hear and did not even look up from his plate.



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