Marcy (34)



Her in-laws had called her to keep up appearances, to go with the children to spend a weekend at the farm and she agreed to do so. She knew that her mother-in-law had rejected her ever, but she was the type of woman that did not accept a no for answer, and the children loved to be on the property.

It was midwinter and the farm workers were in pruning and doing maintenance work in the vineyards, and soon Marcy went with them, to make those works, the same as any laborer.

While the children were enjoying themselves, and inside, the house went by in their routines, some employees were busy, that Saturday morning, in removing the stemmer machine, because the following Monday they would have a new one.

The rickety metal scraps went to the old warehouse, which Marcy knew well and where she used to go to spend time alone, to smoke a cigarette.

She noticed that there were a lot of plastic tanks with a liquid product, whose label was torn.

She decided to ask to the winemaker, a man who inspired confidence to her.

He was the right person, in charge of monitoring the plants, the timing of the harvest, and the control parameters of the wines.

When she asked about those bottles, he seemed undecided.

-Marcy, I say nothing, I'm just following orders.

-Are those additives? - She had imagined long time ago, and he had hinted the same to her.

-Here is done what the boss says, I don´t know if you understand -he didn’t want to talk any more.

She admired him and the feeling was mutual.

-Moving on, how about you?, how are you doing? –He said, referring to the transfer of Manele.

He knew how much she loved her husband.

-Not very well, you know -said Marcy, on the verge of tears.

Suddenly, she overcame herself, and smiled mischievously.

-And the spoiled girl, does she come over here as usual?

He giggled.

-Sure! Every day she comes to suck up to your mother-in-low.

-Look at the hypocrite girl.

-Do not be afraid, Marcy, that little lady is a witch, she has no force to tread a grape, Manele dislike a girl like that.

The winemaker always had the facility to make her smile.

Marcy felt sorry for him.

-Be careful with these people. You are the specialist, and they have to listen to you, not vice versa, -she said, firmly.

-It should be so, but this has changed much, Marcy, and now, in order to sell, everything is good. You know how is the temper of your mother-in-law.

He was thoughtful.

-I speak to you with confidence -he said-, this are things that I couldn´t never tell to Manele. I cannot speak to him about his mother, don´t you understand?



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