Marcy (33)



That day her father looked better, quiet, the color of his skin was pink and free of the chest tightness. He was seated in a comfortable chair, with mountain views, and soon they shared a tropical juice that Marcy had brought, already with permission to the doctors. And he was eager to talk.

He began to talk about anything, but Marcy knew when his father wanted to say something important.

-Are you going ever work at what you had studied? I never dare to ask.

Just the same thing it was pounding in her brain for some time. She was silent.

-I want you to make something of yourself -the father spoke slowly, as if thinking aloud.

-Do not worry; I'll do a master´s degree at Greda University, to have a retrain, Dad, to work in my studies, as you say.

Such a string of ideas went out of her mouth, by surprise, that seemed coherent projects, delivered by her own lips, almost without thinking.

-See if then I'll have less time to indulge with you! -She said, provocatively.

-That would be the least; you're the best I've ever done in my life -Arthur confessed-. And best of what is best, for my little girl.

-Shut up, Daddy! I do not like to worry about me, you know.

But her father's face reflected a deep pain.

-Daughter, I come to tell you one thing. I am so sorry for having behaved so badly with you and with your mother!

-Never mind, Dad, that´s forgotten many years ago.

-Forgive me, honey, forgive me.

They had never spoken with such sincerity.

Marcy restrained her emotion with difficulty. He drew attention to the window, to avoid her father from seeing some few tears in her face.

-Look, Daddy, the mountains, look how beautiful snow!

-Marcelina, you know you have the name of my mother? You didn´t knew her, but ... I loved my mother the much as I love my wife. You look like her, honey. How three perfect women I had, I have not deserved! -Marcy saw tears rolling down his cheeks, ending to fall on the pillow.

She had wished for death many times to his father, so to see him prostrated almost caused her an unmentionable satisfaction. "I turned into a monster”. It was a thought that horrified her.

-You must only think of improving your health, Dad, you know how we need you!

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