Marcy (32)


She went to the bank to pay off the debt.

No one should find out, nor their parents, nor Manele. The employee of the bank known her and her husband very well, he was the financial controller.

Marcy thought that he suspected something because he looked stunned.

-In red again, Marcelina?

He didn´t know her enough to call her by her nickname.

-I had some payments, invoices, charges; you know…, everything at the same time.

He took a look at the computer.

 -Rare, here only I see provisions in cash.

He looked above the glasses, those that take people with eyestrain.

-It must be a mistake -continued the banker

The situation was complicated. She had already given him the money, but the banker continued.

-You know that when there are red numbers, interest is paid; you have two hundred euros of interest.

-Yes, I know -she wanted to finish as soon as possible.

-You have to be careful. Talk to Manele, maybe it is his cause.

-Yes, Yes, I speak with him. Thank you.

She was tired from the banker. It had not happened so many times.

It is known that in the Bank when you pay you are a Lady, if not you go to tremble. And she had given him their filthy money. It seemed that he was giving her therapy. He was still not entirely satisfied.

-If it occurs again, I have to call Manele.

She was stunned, and she invented an excuse as she went along. She threw a hand to her head as if she had forgotten something.

-Uhmm!  I had forgotten -she said smiling, trying to believe it herself a little.

A compulsive gambling gives much for inventiveness. You become a professional of the lies.

-Look that I bought to Manele a very expensive watch, to give him a surprise, and I had to pay in installments. I had forgotten. Where shall I have my head!

-It must have been expensive -he said, irritated.

-Yes, very expensive. Don´t tell him, please, is a surprise.

The banker moved his head, on both sides, skeptical. She thought and thought new tricks.

-His father is very seriously ill, okay?  What I want is to give him an expensive fad, to encourage him.

-Oh! Still he has father, to take care of him. My father already died.

Luckily the guy changed the issue.

-I am really sorry so much

-A month ago, Marcelina, I can´t believe it.

She spread the hand above the desk to comfort him.

-It must be hard, but, that is life!

It seemed that the banker had red eyes.

-I pay attention to you, I'm going to monitor the bank balance daily, don't worry -she said.

-Yes, you know, already cannot be overlooked, do you understand?

Another customer came and cut off the conversation. Marcy said goodbye and she went out fast, fleeing away from the office.


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