Marcy (31)



She was panic-stricken by the arrival of a letter from the bank. It was a bank balance that ended with a result in the red.
She had many years with those damn bumps, dragging her habit, lying. And since the departure of her husband had gotten so thoroughly that would soon be exposed. She preferred not to think about it.

"You can´t go on like this, Marcy". Each time she did it swore it would be the last, until she fell again, and each time the drop was worse and she needed more lies to achieve hide losses.

But this time would have to sell something really good to plug the hole. She was done yet with some jewels and valuables in her home, then to said she had lost it or had broken and thrown it away.

She thought of her parents' home, in the living room, a room that was rarely used, that her mother had to exposure to the most exclusive visits, booksellers and preachers. In the lounge there was a display case, the same as it was since she remembered; which contained wedding gifts, old liquor bottles, decorated plates, colored glass cups and the like. All that Amelia considered her most valuable treasures. Among them was a metal figurine depicting a young runner with wings on his feet.

She passed by her parents´s house with the task of taking spare clothes to the hospital and took the statuette weighing as hell and put it in the bag. She moved a little the other objects to hide the gap.

Her mother, in the hospital, concentrated as she was in the care of the sick, she wouldn´t realize that the statue was missing. Marcy was ashamed by thinking such a thing and she recalled childhood times when she has took advantage of her mother´s absences to play pranks.

And on top do that.

The metal object was so heavy that her bag looked deformed, weird, if she would hang it over her shoulder, so she took it with the two hands, a strange way to carry a bag. She gave his loot in a pawnshop, where she was given enough to fix the debt.

Leaving that office she was feeling like a real thief, worse than a thief. "I'm a crook, a fraud."

It would be better to become a bitch by a few days and issue resolved. Some girls, during the university, turned to that ancient job to earn extra income, for a holiday or to buy some clothes.

But she was stealing her parents, that it was the last straw, the red light announcing her definitive failure.


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