Marcy (29)

 They were spent the days of that January all equal as boring drops of water, with the only amenity of encounters with her friends at the cafe. Elizabeth, before assiduous, she came only in rare times to their morning meetings.
-She called me by phone saying that she had a trip, a cruise of luxury for the South Seas, she said. Accompanied by her boyfriend -reported Laura stressing the last words with comic affectation.
-Someone who knows how to live life - Marcy thought aloud.
-Do not you believe it, Marcy, not everything is what it seems, and nobody knows what happens in each couple.
-Please, Lau, Román is the owner of a construction company, he has Elisabeth covered with jewels and furs, has led her to alternate with the highest society, and leads a life of luxury…
 "Nothing to do with your husband, darling". Marcy was fed up with the rant of the prudish of Laura. The explanations of her friend always sounded her to moralizing old-fashioned.
Laura remained silent a few seconds while she was shaking her infusion. She began to explain the feats of their small daughters to the last detail, their meals, homework, their games. Marcy was in her own thoughts when she heard Laura's incisive question.
-A penny for your thoughts.
Marcy explained the encounter with Nacho and the conversation held in the Inn.
-I am glad, Nacho made well talk to you like that; come on, take your time, now that you can.
-Lau, look, I since I'm very outdated, perhaps it´s too late. Marcy wanted to end as soon as possible. She threw a furtive look, marking a distance.
They finished their drink and they went out in opposite directions.
After meeting with Laura, she wandered without direction through the streets, suffering an attack by nostalgia for a life of love and luxury that was not theirs. She entered a bar, called for a glass of wine and accepted a cigarette who offered him a strange, sitting by his side. She took a stool, taking in hand, as she could, the drink, the cigarette and the hung shoulder bag; she sought some coins inside the bag and started to put them in the machine.
She slapped on the keys of colors as an automaton and searched more and more coins by all the pockets of the clothes she was wearing. The machine had to be hot, about to give a prize, because a customer he had filled belly. But the metal box devoured one hundred coins without flinching.
-You can give me change, please -she had that phrase recorded in his mind, so that she dreamed up with her.
The waiter had no more change to give her.
-Lady would like to ask you a taxi?
-No thanks - she answered.
She left the premises and returned to his home in the middle of a feeling of absolute failure. "You parked your career", the words of Nacho they rumbled in her memory. "Don´t care if I parked my career".  But, despite another glass full of wine, which she took at a stretch, she did not forget that words in all day.

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