Marcy (28)




On a place like that was customary, after the food and spirits, that some client, sometimes a group, began to sing old songs. In the table of the side, an old man, attacked a simple, repetitive rhythm, setting the pace with slaps on the table. The rest remained in silence, until the man table mates followed him. Later, more people were joining to that impromptu chorus.
Nacho put his arm above the shoulders of his friend and began to sing, she followed him and noticed that her voice flowed strong; she knew the lyrics to memory.
She saw a gesture of disapproval in the face of her mother.
Outside, the snow was falling, steady, painting the landscape in white. The wind had ceased. Marcy was relaxed, as floating, felt so happy and carefree it seemed as if she had removed 20 years off. "I see that it does not mention Manele for nothing". She neither wanted to talk about her husband, to which she devoted only a very short thought. However, her mother was brought it to memory again.
-Manele, is he fine? Is he calling by phone?
-Yes, mom, every two or three days; he has permission to come to see us once a month, all in charge of the company. He is happy with his new job.
They were already more than seven o'clock in the afternoon and people went toward the exit of the local, the storm had already ceased. While she was putting on her coat clothes, Marcy believed to see in the tumult to an employee of the Duxa Limited.
She was not wrong. Man came up to greet her, and tell her a kind of things that barely could hear.
-…. congrats to Manele… and you, don´t enclose  in house, you must go out and enjoy… - he addressed to her a mischievous look before leaving the place, followed by his family.
Behind them the rest of the customers were leaving.
After hugs and congratulations of rigor by the New Year, they had gone outside the Inn towards their vehicles, but not before putting Nacho, in a pocket of her anorak, a piece of paper with his phone. "If you need it", he told to her.
A thin layer of new snow crunched under their shoes delighting children. Marcy accommodated the kids in the rear of the vehicle and was placed behind the wheel.
She led in last farewell to his parents, Miguelito and Nacho.
-I promise to think about everything you've told me. I promise to you – she told, before closing the door of the car.
She drove slowly paying attention to the sliding road, while in his mind she remembered her friend´s words over and over again.
When she arrived to her garage, she realized that she hardly had thought anything about her husband in all day.

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