Marcy (27)




They had finished eating and the grandparents were playing with the children, when Marcy and Nacho reviewed their college days, completely abstracted, absorbed in their conversation.

He was enjoying an excellent job in Lank Corporate, a multinational enterprise of technology.

-They have a high growth finance department, Marcy. I'm happy with them.

-What an envy you're giving to me, Nacho.

-At least I've tried to compensate for the failure of my marriage...

His son was far enough away not to hear.

-I'll tell you the truth ... with Mary, my wife, everything worked perfectly and without explanation, she left me for another man... I think we were happy and she goes and confesses to me, suddenly, that something was wrong with me, that she had known the true passion of the hand of a big man of another company...

Nacho took one drink of liquor and Marcy saw sadness in his eyes.

He wanted to talk.

-Whatever you think cannot happen, it can happen. At first, I plunged into misery, but I ended up by assimilating it. I decided to overcome it.

He looked at her again with her face of boy.

-My wife threw a rich boyfriend, what can I do? ... Hey, I am digesting it. Now here is the prince of my house -he said, pointing to his son-. I see him on weekends only, the rest of the time I try to have fun, friends and refuge back in my work.

-Nacho, I'm sorry, you should feel so bad…, but you get used to your new life, you'll see.

Marcy well understood what the tribulations of love are.

He nodded, playing with his glass of liquor. Then, he stared at Marcy.

-What about you, Marcy? Have you parked your career? I cannot understand.

-The kids took me a lot of time, Manele and I decided that I devote myself entirely to them.

-What an idea! The modern woman reconciles various roles in life. In my own business, every month, comes a young new development candidate. And all of them together are worth less than you.

Nacho attacked her with the same issue.

-Marcy, it has spent many years and you should make a master to upgrade. In my company they want to create a department of development aid, you could have a chance, why don´t you try?

She was involved in the enthusiasm of his friend, facing his thousand projects, displaying his contagious energy, opening infinite paths with breathtaking ease, as he did when he was in the university.

-It's not so easy, Nacho, I have little free time.

She put this and many other justifications increasingly misguided, which were ringing hollow, artificial, even to herself.



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