Marcy (26)




The Three Wise Man eve was cold, below zero degrees. The snow had begun to fall in North´s mountains and threw a cold wind toward Greda´s town.
Marcy and children wore warm clothes and they took the car in the direction to an Inn of the suburb where her parents, as every year, had invited them to eat. The Inn, located on the outskirts of the city, was a typical, ideal place for winter´s meals, where it served cooked and meat stews, accompanied with simple wines of the country. Marcy loved this place, known since childhood.
They entered  hurry because it snowed tiny snowflakes, they shook their clothes in the rustic lobby and a waiter helped them to accommodate the anoraks and other accessories in the cloakroom. Children´s glasses were cloudy by the heat.
-We don´t see anything mum! –they said.
She was gone without illusion, sensing the terrible absence of her husband on her side, but the tenderness of the children, with their cloudy glasses, encouraged her. She had a look at  the Inn; in the background, sitting at a large table, close to the fireplace, her parents were waiting.
-Follow me, boys! I will lead you in the mist!
Shortly after they were seated, children began talk about  Three Wise Man arrival. At the time came the food, soup steamy, served by the waiter gliding between people; then the main dish, a tasty dish of venison with potatoes.
When they began to enjoy the selection of desserts, Marcy, sitting in the centre of the local, came to distinguish a familiar face, Nacho, who shared table with a small child.
Without hesitation she got up and went to them. Nacho; nothing more to see her, he changed his face.
-Marcy! So nice to meet you!
She felt even more animated by the reunion with his friend.
-And this one is your child?
The little boy, of the same age as Manu, was eating a chocolate ice cream with fruition.
-Are you my son, Miguelito? -The small boy smiled, stained of chocolate-.I present you to an old friend of the faculty, which is not the same as an old woman!
He laughed, amused.
-Come, old joker, you come with us.
They sat together around a big table, next to the fireplace, the most welcoming table across the room.
Outside was snowing heavily, isolating the Inn from the rest of the world.

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