Marcy (25)




Manele already had an apartment hired in Brexals, in charge of the company and very close to his colleagues and the central business district, where would be the international unity´s office.

They came from spend the first days of the year in the house of in-laws, a calamity, an eternity, until arrived the day of Manele´s departure. She drove the car to take him to the airport.

He was giving her the latest indications, while Marcy drove to any gas. Her husband was going to catch a plane to going away for months, perhaps for years. He would come to see them once in a while and on holidays, but nothing would be as before.

-Go slower, girl, we are going to have an accident.

She don´t looked at traffic signals. Luckily, it was Sunday morning and there were almost cars. He saw as Manele watched, amazed, but already he didn´t say more on how to lead it.

-Well, take care for children.

-I´ll do it, don't worry.

-Especially the little one, that you know he is a naughty boy.

-Yes -she replied.

-You in your home, that anybody could say nothing about you.

-I only go with friends to coffee once a week, you know.

-So good. You know I like that you pick up the phone to the first - he said like reciting a litany.

Marcy answered to the litany as an obedient housewife

 -I dislike women who, when the husband is away, they put on the miniskirt and are going to the street.

-A my nor I like - replied she feel a thing.

-I don´t like that people speak anything from you.

-You can rest assured - she said.

But Marcy don´t gave her recommendations on how it should be the behavior of him on Brexals.

She spoke as giving a lesson well learned, without knowing what she said. The entered the parking lot. To make a turn was opened not long enough and gave him a good blow to the rear wheel against the kerb

-You're not attentive, look a bit! -He said, already irritated.

She helped her husband to take the big wheeled suitcase, the same that they used to lead to their travels, years ago, when had not yet born children. They entered the hall of the airport and went to check luggage. They past a few tenses minutes, silent, waiting for the announcement of the departure gate. Marcy was afraid to lose control and break crying.

He dismissed her with two chaste kisses on the cheeks.

-See you soon, I will call you. Ciao.

And he turned to the direction to his new life. When he passed control of police and he lost among the crowd, she sat on a bench and began to cry in silence.

-Excuse me, Madam, are you fine? -said an agent.

-Yes, thanks, now I was going - she replied, putting on her sunglasses. He stood up and walked with step hesitant to get into his vehicle, where returned crying harder still. She started and drove in direction to her house, without hardly distinguish traffic signals, the lanes and traffic lights, through her eyes devastated in tears.


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