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Zeol Center, the most spectacular building of Greda´s Golden Mile, was a show of the construction in height, twenty years ago, and kept its hegemony among the group of skyscrapers that had been built in their environment.

Far from competitiveness, the new giants were surrendered to the wonderful Zeol, the boss of concrete and steel, formed by three huge cylinders, which were ended at different heights, the highest of all, crowned by a laser.

The greatest fan of the Zeol was Duxa´s assistant director. Marcy found out this a night in that Manele invited him to dinner at home, shortly before they moved to Brexals

The assistant director was that kind of employee obsessed with work. Hyperactive, consumed inside his loose costume, he arrived at nine in the evening, accelerated, with the briefcase of work in hand. The two colleagues had dinner. Marcy had already taken a sandwich and a cup of coffee and devoted herself to care for them, trying to hide and overcome the disgust to see them, so euphoric, making their plans for the new international unit.

A brand new universe in which she didn´t have room. An universe that, for more derision, already had its own princess, who was not her.

She felt the silly girl in the company, while they spoke their things. They were already taking a drink of whisky, while Marcy picked up the table. The officer spoke softly, as in secret, excited.

-We have to open business with high risk, Manele, we are going to success.

-Yes, Yes, man; the market is hot, hot, we have to give a good blow from the beginning -responded Manele-, and we put Sonia to control the network.

-You aren´t going to complicate your life, aren´t you?

Marcy threw a glimpse of sideways to the assistant director, while picking up the empty wine cups. It seemed that he looked at Manele slyly. "So they are joking about me in my own home". And she became such nervous that she left fall to the ground one of the cups.

-How clumsy you are -said Manele without paying greater attention to the mishap.

When she returned with the collector and the broom, they had already changed the item. They had sitting back to the dining room table and had deployed a plain architecture.

The assistant director was giving explanations and Manele listened to him. Marcy sat on the couch and she put the TV with low volume.

-Only it makes me sad have to leave this prodigy of architecture.

-A man in love with a skyscraper -said Manele with derision.

-See it, man, isn't it beautiful? It is like my son. Román and I we created it, what those times!

Guest began to describe the plane open in front of him, the sections, and the structure. He knew each and every one of the parts of the building, elevators, and security systems.

-When I'm bored, I pick the plane and I review it, so that I remember all, ever. This is the best kept secret of Greda, one would kill to know it - said the assistant director.

He had even a large magnifying glass to check the minimal details.

-The director will also have it, right? -asked Manele

-Oh, yes, and Román too -responded.

He began to fold the plane, with the ability to have done so many times, knowing the order of all the paper folding, until it was of a size that entered its portfolio. In the cover had been the name of the building in large letters, below the name of the architect, Roman, and at the bottom, in smaller letters, the name of the owner of that plane.

He got it into his briefcase.

- By Raul, this is unforgivable.

Raul was the name of Duxa Limited´s director.

-Don´t you forgive him?  He had promoted you! -said incredulous Manele.

-You are an innocent man, kid.

They sat in chairs in the dining table smoking cigarettes. Marcy was still watching TV, but also listening to they were speaking. The assistant director extended his arms on the table paying the surface, the ice cream clashed into the vessels.

-That what he wants is to get rid of me... and you also, man.

-You are a grouch old man - said Manele, joking.

-Save you banter, kid, I know Raul, I know how he rid of those who can make him shadow.

-No problem. We will have a smash hit. Look what I say!

They had no more conversation and they finished their drinks. Manele volunteered to accompany his colleague to the portal of the building, to take a taxi.

 -Bye, Marcy! Dinner was very good.


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