Marcy (23)




The only occasion that her mother-in-law allowed herself some affection with Marcy was during the celebration of the golden anniversary from the owners of the winery. It was held in the best restaurant in the town coinciding with the celebrations of the harvest, in an underground room, carved into the stone.

Her mother-in-law had got ready more than normal; a heavy gold bracelet, with some medals, also in gold, had been placed on her wrist and she went to the hairdresser, where she had made a highest backcomb than normal. She had put on her lips more red lipstick than she used to, leaving a few red striations on their upper teeth, which are visible in every smile. She had dressed her husband with a suit too big for him, and also had indicated to Marcy the clothes that they had to dress herself, Manele and the children.

Even they were the parents of Marcy. The winery´s owners also invited some family members, the winemaker and some older employees, who took there a silver tray engraved with the number fifty and two intersecting wedding rings.

She was really worked up. She had dressed a tight, large flowered, dress that looked great when she stood up, along with her husband, and they drank a toast to everyone with one of the best winery´s wine.

The young marriage had been placed escorting the eldest, Marcy next to his father-in-law and Manele next to his mother, in the center of a long table.

-Clean your teeth, please. You had stained with the lipstick - told Marcy, quietly, when her mother-in-law sat down with her tray in hand. The mother-in-law lifted her upper lip and spent a napkin by her teeth.

-Is okay, daughter?

Marcy nodded. She never called her daughter, she even called her by name.

-I'm so nervous that I don't know what I do! You know the temper that I have.

Marcy thought that it was a very good remark.

After, Marcy sat a while next to her parents.

-Do you see it? don´t you? You are in a very good position in this family - said Amelia.

The father nodded, and took a time complaining of his stomach ache, he did not know why, perhaps because his damned nerves.



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