Marcy (18)

When she was alone she shunned in cleaning the house, and his head worked without stopping, so twisted thoughts, that would have shaken anyone.

Marcy knew that she wasn't well from Manele´s family from the beginning, they see her with suspicion, as if she had stolen them their son, and Marcy never knew to be forgiving enough. In fact, she had recorded that they scrutinized her adventuresreceived  through the streets of Greda in order to catch her in a bad step. One day he found them out of a game room that she frequented, and they greeted with coldness and thereafter, Marcy had the impression that they were following her.

And it is that the in-laws were the perfect candidate for your child. Already the first visits to their wine property, Marcy found the existence of that girl, heiress of the property of the side, which was in love with Manele, and who Marcy had to accept resignedly. Marcy believed in-laws supporting the girl well, for future merge properties, as when, in historical times, joined the kingdoms on the basis of concluded marriages.

So, now that Manele moved to work outside the country, she even perceived in the in-laws a perfidious satisfaction. And what more tortured her anything, was thinking that her own mother made friendship with the winemakers. She agreed with them in everything and not believed to Marcy in their objections to his political family. It seemed to her that her mother wanted to place his daughter, at the expense of what was.

She watched herself alone, escorted by their poor children. A Mrs. nobody. But your in-laws better were careful, because she also knew a dirty secret of the cave. There were hidden secrets in the production of wine, which could make them too much damage if someone knew them. In-laws should appear that she knew and Marcy understood that this was her strength in that house, they would not dare to go against her. "Let us not hurt us, if you think". A child thought, a nonsense.

She needed something more solid, maybe a stroke of luck. 

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