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When she woke up in the morning, he already was gone. When

she opened her eyes came to her mind the past night of love, and felt a peak of peace and energy.

After some routine tasks of the house and bring children to the school, Marcy met with her friends in the Corner Café. Thursday was the day they had indicated to see and share a good time to talk and confidences, taking a good coffee with cream and grated chocolate on top, the local specialty. Meeting with those two girls, with which she had completed high school at the Institute of Greda and who had been intimate friends at that time, was a coincidence.

In Mazello, had returned to their relationship, after many years without seeing, a friendship that came from their respective couples witch were working colleagues, for a time, in the same company, the multinational Duxa Limited, and arrived to set up his own business in common.

Despite the fact that theirs was a friendship of ups and downs.

There was long-standing antagonism, from childhood, which had increased following the successes of Elisabeth with the boys, at the time of secondary between Laura and Elizabeth. Marcy was, at that time, the mediator, which maintained a delicate balance. But made three good friends.

When they reunited they were around the border of forty years old.

As soon as arriving spotted to Laura, who had already asked their coffee, and sat down beside her.

Laura did not speak of anything other than his daughters. He placed the latest adventures of girls as if they were front-page news.

-Laura!, your child are great, you should be more selfish and care more yourself, buy modern clothing…, if we neglect, then let's look like old women.

Laura wore very poor, and Marcy understand that lack of vanity as the main fault of a woman. This was not the case of Elizabeth that made an impressive appearance in the café. First hours in the morning and already looked like a model: trousers and jacket adjusted, marking his excellent figure, a discrete and effective makeup, high boots with pants bass inside, beautiful bag and the blonde mane, ironed to perfection. Heads focused in her while she advanced safely to the table of her friends. She came wrapped in a cloud of expensive perfume.

Elisabeth took a seat beside Marcy and removed with elegance her scarf, her leather gloves, and dropped them on the table with parsimony, slipped a hand inside the bag, and took a cigarette. Even the smooth movement of her fingers using the package and her gold cigarette lighter, they produced an aura of magnetism. It was fortunate, thought Marcy.

-Hello, girls! How are we? -He questioned the newly arrived.

They began to talk about some platitudes of the time, the price of the shopping, as they used to when they were assembled.

-Has been cooled much - said Marcy-, I will buy today a coat, maybe I threw and I buy one fur.

-This is wonderful, you do very well! So are taught men what is one women worth. Elizabeth was tremendous with your partner, or at least that is deduced by his way of speaking.

-Girls, you know, we should bind them short, spend their money and give them a scare from time to time, unless they accustomed. It is what works. If you're a saint, you become a miserable.

Elisabeth, always provocative, enjoyed of scandal.

-Please, Ely, what things do you say, think like the grandmothers, have heard talk of liberation of women? -Laura replied.

It was the only one who, in addition to the care of her house and her daughters worked as administrative at a Social Center.

-Think what you want, friend! And you, Marcy, don´t pay attention, this girl goes the way to be sanctified.


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