Marcy (3)




Children came back from school tired, wet and cold, because the fall was already announced, and died of hunger.

-What's for dinner, mom? -asked Manu.

The eldest was a wonderful son, but the youngest son was the most shocking child in the world. Marcy had prepared an easy and safe food for children, pasta with tomato sauce, which they ate delighted. After a few yogurts and a bath quick they go to bed. They were already nine in the evening and she had little time to carry out the complicated ritual of depilation, perfumed body lotion and a smooth foundation for the face. The eyes and the lips gently makeup. Win the dress and put shoes. Only a few o fashion gold jewel were permitted as adornment. He ran to the dining room to prepare the table for two, putting a candle in the middle of the two large dishes. When she heard the key in the lock of the door, he trembled uncertainty.

-Ciao, Marcy! You've been a good day?

She had been lucky, Manele came good. Perhaps, after having resigned angry the night before, he wanted to fix things, she knows how much he loves her. She noticed a change in his face, hi was drunk.

-Why do you have makeup so much?

She fears that all will ruin at a time, as had often happened, she went out, but instead Manele approached determined and hugged her with force.

-Let me see what is mine.

Marcy notice, without saying a word, what seemed the greatest praise that could emerge from the mouth of a man.

He sat at the table, expectant, noting the well prepared dishes.

-So now we party...

-None of the other world, love. A few minutes and start.

Before returning to the kitchen, Marcy looked upon her husband an instant, fascinated by her beauty, her swarthy, her dark eyes of steel, his black hair kinky, long just below the ear, as he liked it.

-Come me the bathrobe.

When she returned with the garment, he had been stripped of his white shirt, and his well trained torso looked naked, dazzling, crossed only by a fine chain of gold, with a cross. He was sitting in the chair, only illuminated by the light of the candle. He seemed to a romantic, wonderful.

Marcy present a warm vegetable cream and a few omelettes, accompanied with a variety of breads and a semi-sparkling wine.

-Children, do well?

-Yes love, sleep like little angels.

-Thus I like! The girls of the office are well for what they are; but the wife of one, in the house, that there is so much dog loose out there, do you understand?

He stood without dessert, sat on the ground, on the carpet, grabbed her by the hand and dragged her to his side. There was no doubt what was what they wanted and when he wanted. Ripped clothing, one and the other, like two wild, and they made love in the soil until exhaustion.

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